Alina Hubarenko

Alina Hubarenko

Дата рождения
Место жительства
Kassel, Germany

Alina Hubarenko is a Ukrainian-German artist, born in Kyiv in 1991, grew up and living near Kassel. She had academic artistic training at the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Ukraine for one year, afterwards she continued the education as an autodidact under the guidance of American, Eastern and Western European artists.

The artist is creating hyper-realistic seascapes in oil, observing the diversity of waters on her travels to the seaside and including psychological reflections to show the viewer a different state of balance and harmony, slowness of the moment and self-awareness through the greatest element on the planet.

Among the exhibitions and art fairs in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Hong Kong, are participation in the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition 2021 in London, exhibition as a finalist of Artbox Project World 2.0 in Zurich and participation at fairs and exhibitions in the Women's Museum Bonn. The artist is a recipient of the Valentine Rothe and Renate Hendricks Prize.

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