Скрипкина Людмила

Скрипкина Людмила

Украина, Черновцы (ВПО)

1988-2000 - worked as part of The Peppers group.

Personal exhibitions and projects:

1991 - The Peppers, Ronld Feldman Fine Arts, New York; Fundasion San German, Puerto Rico; Pittsburgh Center for the Art

1993 - The Peppers, Contemporary Sculptures from the Former Soviet Union, gallery 210, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missuori

1995-2000 project "Coat Gallery"

2008 - Charting the Soviet Union: 1989 - 1991, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

Some collective exhibitions:

1984 - Exhibition of Odessa artists, APTART gallery, Moscow

1987 - Exhibition of the avant-garde club, Sandunovskie baths, Moscow

1990-1991 Between Spring and Summer, Soviet Conceptual Art in the Era of Late Communism, Takhoma Museum of Art

1995 - No Man`s Lend, Copenhagen, Center for Contemporary Art

2016 - Collection! Paris, Center Pompidou